Building real time web apps with AngularJS, NodeJS and MongoDB

This is a demo implementation of creating real time web apps with AngularJS and MongoDB. In here we implement a todo list that is synchronised in real time for all the users

  19 January 2014     

nodejs    javascript    realtime    mongodb    angularjs   

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Online Markdown Showdown Editor

Write your Markdown and see the formatted HTML output instantaneously . I usually write my posts in Markdown format (specifically Showdown).Now it is even more easier and faster to write my content with the Online Editor where I can see content rendered in real time. The editor is online and stores your content in Local storage. See more details within.

  2 October 2013     

Markdown    Showdown    Online Editor    JavaScript    AngularJS    Bootstrap   

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How to move your Domain to DigitalOcean without changing your Name Servers

DigitalOcean's guide to move your custom-domain shows that you need to change your Name Servers to that of DigitalOcean. And they have made it pretty simple to use. However if you do not wish to migrate a lot of domain-records and do not wish to change your name servers, read on.

  29 September 2013     

DigitalOcean    DNS    Change Domain    VPS    Custom Domain   

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Visual Ping - Email alerts on web page changes

VisualPing sends you an email alert for the web pages you set for monitoring.

  28 September 2013     

visual ping    webpage monitoring    email alerts   

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Hardware Trojans - Does your device leak data off-grid?

How secure is the hardware that we use? Hardware Trojans are created with intentional and malicious changes to hardware's initial design.

  25 September 2013     

hardware    trojans    electronics    IC   

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