< Continued from Part 1: Compiling Quake 3 source code

In the post Modifying Quake3, I have explained how to compile the Quake III source code. In case you are not using Visual Studio 2003 but using developer studio for VC++ 6.0, here are some tips to compile using that.

If you are using VC++6, download the tool : prjconverter (Search on Google and you’ll find it)

Copy that in your Quake 3 code sub-directory.

Open up a command window. Change directory to Quake 3 code sub-directory and type.

prjconverter quake3.sln

It should make some project files.

Now load up Quake 3 code in VC++. Click on Projects –> Active Configurations. Change it to Win32-Release.

Unload the UI Project, it can create problems while compiling. Make sure that the Quake 3 project has botlib and renderer as its depedencies.

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