Once an account is added, this extension does not interfere with Salesforce logins - in case you have other browser based logins for other requirements. This application implements the OAuth2 to authorize the accounts and request for necessary permissions - This means that the extension directly connects with Salesforce and not through a third party mechanism

While adding an account you need to logout of your existing Salesforce account (unless that’s the one you want to use). After adding an account it does not interfere with Salesforce sessions. You also need Chatter Connect API is not enabled for this organization or user type.

Also it is possible to add multiple Salesforce accounts to this extension - Unfortunately, the extension does not consolidate the feeds from multiple logins.

At the start when adding an user-account - it does feel a bit clunky - but later on its a smooth ride.

This extension can be installed from Chrome Webstore - here

Happy Chattering