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DataExplorer for Force.com

Data Explorer for Force.com allows Force.com developers to be more productive by allowing them to run complex queries on your Force.com environment.

This supports both SOQL and SOSL queries. The results are automatically displayed in tabular format for easier navigation. Also supports paging and search within results for easier navigation

Install extension here: Data Explorer for Force.com


This application uses the Force.com REST API and connects to the Saleforce servers directly - no intermediate servers are used.

Does not interfere with your Salesforce browser sessions and will authorize as an application. 

The queries here will count towards REST API limits appllicable to your org.

To query Custom Objects and Custom Fields, you must prefix the Org Namespace (if any).

SELECT Name, OrgNamespace__CustomField__c FROM OrgNamespace__CustomObject__c

Bugs / Feature requests:

You may report bugs and request for new features in the comments below - or you could post to Twitter here

*Currently this has been tested with Force.com developer edition orgs only. Database.com and Sandbox org support coming up soon.

Source Code for this extension can be found here at GitHub 

Anup Shinde

Anup Shinde is Programmer, Algo Trader, Web Developer, Data Analyst and Machine-Learning researcher.

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DataExplorer for Force.com
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