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Geo-locate Emails

I would just like to share a trick that has been very useful to me in past few years, especially for superficially scrutinizing cyber-strangers. There is much software out there that will allow you to geo-locate the incoming mails and thereby making this task much easier to perform. For those who want to use this information only casually, the following is the simple procedure.

  26 September 2006     

Tunneling and Onion routing to access proxy / firewall restricted internet sites

In this post I'll explain a technique to access firewall or proxy restricted internet websites via tunneling and onion routing. This article is intended to-be-informative for network administrators and internet users. This article is just an overview and does not cover technical details

  4 November 2005     

Integrating MS-Word in .NET

This article will explain how we can use Microsoft Word in your .NET application. This will enable you to use your favorite word-processor within your .NET application. For some cases, you will find that most of the document that you create is redundant work and only few things need to be filled up. E.g. the Client's ID, Current Date, Record Number, etc.

  30 September 2005     

Microsoft Agent based Gmail reader

This article will explain how to create your own Gmail Notifier kind of application that checks the new mails using recently introduced Gmail Atom Feeds and speaks the details of the mail using Microsoft Agent and SAPI interface

  12 September 2005     


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