I am a full stack polyglot Web Developer, Data Analyst, Trader and a Machine-Learning Engineer.

Need help with your startup or proof-of-concept?

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OR anupshinde

Some of the stuff I like to work with:
Web Development
  • JavaScript, React, Angular, TypeScript, CSS, HTML
  • Python, Node
  • Elastic Search
  • Google Cloud, Google Analytics, Google Apps Script, Amazon Cloud
  • NoSQL and SQL DBs -MongoDB, RethinkDB, MS-SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Algorithmic trading systems
  • Alpha seeking options strategy development
Machine Learning and Data Science:
  • SciPy, scikit, NumPy, NLTK, Classification, Regression, Clustering
  • Genetic algorithms, Genetic Programming
  • Image processing, Computer Vision and a bit of Natural language processing

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