My name is Anup Shinde. A full stack web developer, data engineer, a machine learning researcher and an entrepreneur.

I specialise in developing high quality web applications with expertise in JavaScript.

An entrepreneur at heart - I work as an independent consultant now after having worked 10+ years as a corporate software engineer and a product analyst.

Most of my consulting work consists of helping develop new SaaS products. I also work with data scientists on implementing machine learning algorithms, data mining and developing systems to find meaningful information from raw data.

I believe everybody should know basic coding. As Steve Jobs said - it teaches you how to think.

Need help with your product or application development? Need help with a proof-of-concept? Or just want to drop a line? Contact me here


Web Design and Development
  • JavaScript, AngularJS, NodeJS, ExpressJS, MongoDB (MEAN stack)
  • Python programming
  • HTML, CSS, CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap, Sencha ExtJS, Sencha Touch
  • Google Cloud, Google Analytics, Google Apps Script, Google APIs, Google App Engine, Google Cloud
  • Salesforce, Force.com, ASP.NET, MSSQL, C#.NET
  • PHP, WordPress, MySQL
Machine Learning and Data Science:
  • Data mining and Predictive analytics
  • SciPy, scikit, NumPy, NLTK, Classification, Regression, Clustering
  • Genetic algorithms, Genetic Programming
  • Web scraping, Web bots and web spiders.
  • Computer Vision, Face recognition, Natural language processing
  • R Programming, MT4 Expert Advisors

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